Australia ’13 – Best Jobs in the World (June 3rd – June 14th)

G’day mates!

I have officially arrived back in Sydney and will be staying at the InterContinental Sydney Hotel with the rest of the “Best Jobs in the World” crew until the final announcement event on Friday June 21st. All the finalists have returned from their respective states and are now competing in the final challenges of “finals week” all in Sydney. I have just checked into my hotel room and am waiting to meet up with my contact, Alison for lunch and we will them head over to Bondi Beach to watch the finalists surf. This will be a perfect opportunity to meet the remaining 15 finalists I have yet to officially meet (even though I feel I know them already based off the amount of contact I’ve had with them over social media) and speak with them all in person.

I finally have had the chance to upload some of my pictures from my “solo” travels before the “Best Jobs in the World” kicked off in South Australia where I was travelling with an entourage.

Check out and LIKE my Facebook page (Samantha Clarke – Travel Guru) for a handful of pictures of some of the most fascinating and desired places and experiences in Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Best Jobs in the World – Part 1 (Solo Travels)

20130606_005809 20130611_102803 20130616_114753

Let me know what you think by commenting as much as you want! I want your feedback, and if you have any questions, comments and concerns on anything I’ve done – feel free to contact me.


That’s all for now,

Sam Clarke

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