BrisBEN June 14th (Day 12)

It seems as though Brisbane has always been a transition spot for me and my travels in Australia. A city I would stay in for one night before heading somewhere else, or catching a flight to a new destination. I have never had the chance to fully experience what Brisbane offers as a city.

After a short ride from Noosa, I arrived in Brisbane and checked into my accommodation at the Limes Hotel. The Limes Hotel is located in a really “happening” area of Brisbane with tonnes of restaurants, pubs and cafes within walking distance. The inside of the hotel is absolutely stunning. I was blown away the room I had to myself! I mean, they provided complimentary brownies on my bedside table so I was instantly pleased.

My evening in Brisbane was spent freshening up after a day of travels and dinner with the “Best Jobs in the World” winner in 2009, Ben Southall. Ever since I was aware of the “Best Jobs in the World” contest, Ben has been someone I have truly idolized. He has this passion for living and exploring that you can’t help but be inspired by. I felt extremely honoured that he took a couple hours out of his busy schedule to sit down with me for dinner. He was a pleasure to meet up with and I look forward to continuing and finishing the many topics of conversation we started but didn’t finish back in Sydney!


After a couple cocktails over dinner, I decided I should make use of the complimentary drink voucher I was supplied by Limes Hotel up at their Rooftop Bar. I could hear the music from my room, so I assumed it was pretty busy. When I arrived at the Rooftop Bar, I was pleasantly greeted by the host or as he would like to call himself the “mingler.” We hit it off instantly and when he finished his shift we grabbed a couple drinks together.


I was introduced to so many people when I was up there and my night of having 1 complimentary drink turned into many, many, many more drinks. The selection of cocktails at the Limes Hotel was incredible. I had a few cocktails that had an apple arranged like the Sydney Opera House as a decoration. Anything from a fruity cosmopolitan to an espresso martini – you name it; the highly skilled bartenders will serve it.


It was also a treat to meet the owner of the Limes Hotel up on the Rooftop Bar as well. Normally you would never expect to see a businessman on a Friday night spending time at work, but you could tell how passionate he was about his hotel. Through various discussions with him, it was evident he genuinely enjoyed spending his time and efforts in making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and having a good time. With meeting the owner, I was introduced to some other really fascinating people (John, Brooke, Nick, etc) who took me under their wing for the evening. They wanted to make sure this Canadian girl had a truly authentic and awesome night out in Brisbane. I couldn’t be more thankful for them being so kind and welcoming!

After a few cocktails at the rooftop bar, we headed out to Alfred and Constance (A & C – where I went for dinner with Ben) for the rest of the evening. They ordered me this HUGEEE drink that had a cinnamon stick lite on fire in the middle. It was probably 4 drinks in one and was the bar special. For a true A & C experience, I was told I had to have one of these.


Brisbane nightlife surpassed my expectations. I had always heard mixed reviews on Brisbane in general, and I was pleasantly surprised by my experience in Brisbane. I want to send out a huge thank you to my new Brisbane friends, and I promise that when I come back to Australia (which is quite likely on a Working Holiday Visa), we will definitely catch up again!


Brisbane was the end of my personal travels, as the rest of my trip in Australia would be focused around the “Best Jobs in the World” contest and following the finalists in South Australia and Sydney! Check out those posts and stay tuned for the winner on June 21st!

Sam Clarke.

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