My most recent trip to Europe was in August of 2016. We ventured off on a month long Euro-trip including stops in Amsterdam, Croatia, Serbia, Greece & finishing off in Italy.

Jess wrote a spectacular blog about our experience – check it out here –> Eurotrip 2016

In my grade 11 summer, 15 of my best friends and I took part in an educational tour called The Grand Tour of Italy. The tour was prepare and operated by a company called EF Tours. Travelling to Italy was the first time I had ever left the continent, and saying I was excited was an understatement. My experience travelling through Italy with my peers was a life changing and it showed me that their are so many ways to learn outside of the classroom that I had never once considered.

  • Assisi, Florence, Milan, Pompeii, Rome, Sorrento, Vatican City, Venice,


I spy Sam? – The matching group peering over Assisi, italy. 


One of the many canals in Venice, Italy.  


Sam in front of the Vatican. 


Dream come true! Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy. 

Where to Next?

I have always had a strong interest in backpacking through Europe. My dream would be to take off for a year or two and cover the entire continent – staying with friends and in hostels while experiencing the history that makes Europe so famous.

Travelling through Europe has been something I have always seen myself doing when I was a bit older. Being able to understand and appreciate the deep history and culture in some of the European countries will come with age and I plan on starting my journey in a few years. This gives me adequate time to start planning, and finding a friend who would like to accompany me for a portion of my adventure.

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