A new blog, a new challenge*


G’day mates! It’s me again! Ever since being back from Australia (June 2012), I haven’t written to you in a while! I frequently look back at my old blog and can’t help but smile and reminisce on the amazing time I had while I was away. Unfortunately posterous.com (my old blog website) is closing down at the end of April, which means I had to find a new place to share my stories.

I find it at no better time that I am beginning a new chapter in my blogging. I am currently participating in a contest through Campus Perks & Tourism Australia and I have already made it to the second round. In the beginning of March, 20 students across the country were selected to compete for votes in order to make it to the “campus travel guru” round. I have made it to the second round and am currently competing against 9 other Canadians from various Universities in hopes of being Tourism Australia’s next Travel Blogger. You may be wondering, what is this competition and contest all about? What is Campus Perks – Tourism Australia’s “Best Jobs in the World” campaign? Well continue reading and I will give you the low dowwwwwn…

First and foremost… take a look at this;;

Best Jobs in the World Trailor

If that doesn’t get you intrigued and interested to continue reading… I don’t know what will!

The “Best Jobs in the World” is a campaign put on through the various states in Australia and Tourism Australia. They offer 6 of the most INCREDIBLE job opportunities imaginable for anyone over the age of 18. Whatever your interests, these jobs will fulfill them as they feature the best that Australia has to offer. From experiencing the magnificent landscapes and scenery, native plants and animals, indigenous culture, taste-bud tingling food and wine, and the busy city life, there will be stories you can’t wait to share with the rest of the world.

So you may be asking… what’s the catch? These jobs sound like a dream, how can these be real? Well I am here to tell you that these jobs are completely LEGIT. They offer 6 month contracts in locations all over Australia, and a $100,000 package! Sounds TOO good to be true.

Check out the 6 jobs HERE!

Found something that interests you? Have you already started making your application video to be the next…

  1. Lifestyle Photographer
  2. Outback Adventurer
  3. Park Ranger
  4. Taste Master
  5. Wildlife Caretaker
  6. Chief Funster

Well these are the opportunities that you can win through Tourism Australia… but what is in it for me? Why am I telling you all this?


Well going back to what I mentioned before, I am competing against 9 other koala-fied Canadians in trying raise awareness and HYPE about the incredible jobs! Over the last couple weeks I have been spreading the word through my various social networks (Facebook, twitter, instagram) about The “Best Jobs in the World!” You can find me around Western Campus with a ton of AUZsome swag that is yours to keep! From sunglasses, to bag tags, koala finger puppets, shirts, backpacks, flags and more – Australia is already making it’s way through Western campus and London, ON!

SWAGWant some? Well tell me that you read this blog and I can hook you up!

The most important aspect of this competition is my AUZsome Event I am hosting called: Western U Goes Down Under! It will be held on Wednesday April 3rd 2013 from 7-11pm in the Medway Sydenham Formal Lounge. You don’t want to miss it! There will be FREE FOOD, a DJ, photographer, videographer, lots of contests, prizes, giveaways and FUN to be had by all! You also have a chance to get your application video filmed to submit with your online application. Using the Samsung Galaxy Camera you can take your 30 second video explaining why YOU are the best person for the job! Make sure you join in on the party, and bring a friend, or two, or 10 if you want to win a PRIZE! Everyone loves prizes 🙂

7937_10151599891616474_1260687984_nI can’t wait to see you there! Also make sure you LIKE my Facebook Fan Page and SUPPORT me in becoming Tourism Australia’s next Travel Blogger! I promise you I will be the best person for the job!

I know this is ALOT of information at once… so I am going to break it down for you on how you can get involved in Tourism Australia’s “The Best Jobs in the World” Campaign and how you can help SUPPORT me in becoming Tourism Australia’s next Travel Blogger!

  1. Apply online HERE for one of the 6 “Best Jobs in the World!”
  2. Like, share, tweet #GetTheBestJob, retweet anything and everything AUZZIE
  3. Find me on Western Campus to get some AUZsome swag
  4. Attend Western U Goes Down Under next Wednesday April 3rd from 7-11pm
  5. Bring 10 of your friends for a PRIZE!
  6. LIKE my Tourism Australia’s next Travel Blogger Page
  7. Give yourself a pat on the back 🙂


Well that’s all for now everyone! If you have any questions about applying, give me a shout!

Sam Clarkey – 🙂

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