Welcome to Singapore!

Yay, I finally made it to Singapore. With 21 hours of being airbourne and being awake for over 36hours I finally touched down. After immigration and collecting my baggage, I made my way to catch a Taxi outside the Airport. I really should’nt of been so naive to how many taxi drivers are able to take advantage of tourists and take them on a wild goose chase all throughout Singapore in hopes they don’t notice they are trying to rack up the cab fare. My driver took me in every which way, and had no idea where my friends residence was in the first place. Not to mention the language barrier was a major issue. Neither of us could understand each other, which led to more confusion. Afterall, I eventually made it to University Town which is a part of the National University of Singapore’s campus.

After getting a few hours of sleep I was ready to see what this place was all about. We grabbed a Starbucks which is a 1 minute walk from his residence *super handy :)* and started my guided tour. We caught a free shuttle which brought us to the main campus which is called Kent Ridge. From there, I was shown many of the buildings where his classes were held, and the various cafeterias and dinning options. It was a very similar set up to “Centre Spot” at Western. My first meal was Teriyaki Pepper Rice, which ultimately was teriyaki chicken on rice, vegetables, with a side cup of soup.

Here are a few things I have learned/noticed about Singapore in only one day…

  1. Construction occurs all the time. Everything is constantly being renovated or enhanced.
  2. Racquet sports are very big here. Tennis, squash, etc.
  3. It is winter season at the moment and it is still over 20 degrees. I am in shorts and a t-shirt and many people are currently wearing jeans and sweaters.
  4. Wednesday nights downtown is “Ladies Night”… meaning we get to drink for free.
  5. Cars are very expensive here. A Honda Civic in CAD is about $13,000 – $15,000, however in Singapore it is close to $100,000.
  6. A drivers permit for 10 years also costs $50,000.
  7. Singapore doesn’t have LCBO’s or Beer Stores. You purchase your alcohol at places like 7-11.

Justin is in a 4 hour lab at the moment so I decided I would plant myself in the local Starbucks. This Starbucks is apparently one of the largest in Asia, as it has a huge indoor and outdoor seating area with Wifi. I think when he is done class for the day, I am going to be shown downtown, and we may go out later tonight.

So much time, so much to do!

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