A New (Zealand) Adventure

The day has finally arrived! It’s time to get my wanderlust on again! An early morning wake up call began my journey (courtesy of Byron Easy Bus) to Coolangatta (Gold Coast) Airport to catch my flight to Auckland, New Zealand!

I arrived at the airport just before 7am, which allowed for a good amount of time to check-in, go through security/customs and grab some food. As I should have expected, there is no such thing as smooth sailing when I travel. If you can remember back to the time I first came to Australia, I managed to leave my laptop in London, ON the night before my flight… that was a mini crisis that managed to cause some pre-trip excitement. It was only minutes from when I arrived at the Gold Coast airport and made my way to the check-in desk before the first mini crisis happened…

When I arrived at the Jetstar check-in desk, I was regrettably informed that as of right now, I wasn’t allowed to fly to New Zealand as my return flight back to Australia was booked later than when my first Australian WHV was set to expire… OH NO! In order for me to fly today, I was required to spontaneously book a return flight to Australia on a day before my visa expires. Due to me successfully completing my regional work on an organic farm over the past 4 months, I will be applying for this visa as soon as I touch down in NZ. When my 2nd WHV hopefully becomes approved shortly after applying, I will be able to change my flight, and return on the original planned date. *cross your fingers for me! 

All in all, my first (and hopefully only) crisis of this trip has been averted!

Tip for all working-holiday makers – If you are planning on leaving Australia to travel elsewhere (New Zealand, Asia, Fiji, etc) in hopes of applying for your 2nd WHV while travelling, make sure when you book your return flight date, you book it for before your first WHV expires in Australia. This is to ensure Immigration knows you have a valid visa while travelling, and when you plan on returning to Australia. After you apply and once that second working holiday visa is approved, you can go about booking/changing your flight to suite your travel plans! It’s always smart to double check with Immigration if you are ever confused or have questions regarding travelling Internationally and returning on a new visa – it will save a lot of time, stress and money!

This journey to New Zealand has been one that I have had on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. With working in the travel industry throughout the duration of my time in Australia, I have gained a large interest, fascination and drive to get myself over to experience New Zealand myself.

With huge thanks to Peterpans Travel and Stray New Zealand for hosting me, I will be traversing the entire country from North to South, capturing and sharing (with you!) the stunning landscapes, tantalizing food, exotic culture and beautiful New Zealand people.

The first leg of my journey will begin in New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland! Once I arrive in Auckland, I will check into my accommodation (Nomad’s Auckland) and meet the gang at Stray New Zealand’s office in the centre of town. From here we will have the chance to meet up with the rest of the good-looking, adventurous travellers who we will be joining in on the Stray North Island Famil.

For the next 6 days, our group will be experiencing the diversity and culture that the North Island has to offer. Stopping in places such as Raglan, Whakahoro, Taupo, Lake Aniwhenua and more, Stray will take us further off the beaten track in order to give us a cultural travel experience unlike anything we could ever imagined.

I won’t give any more surprises right now, as I want you to follow this experience with me. Catch instantaneous images and my experience on my Instagram (instagram.com/sam_clarkey) or keep checking back here for updates!

If you have been inspired to go exploring and travel off the beaten track away from your everyday life, I can help you get on your way!!!

Simple use the PROMO CODE: SAMNZ online at checkout at www.peterpans.com.au, call the Peterpans Call Centre at 1 800 669 424, email info@peterpans.com or visit any Peterpans Shop (NZ, AUS, Asia wide) and quote “SAMNZ” to receive 5% any holiday package!

This is going to be epic – stay tuned!



Interested in Australia and NZ adventure travel? For 5% OFF any Peterpans Adventure Travel Package, use the promo code: SAMNZ on the peterpans.com.au website, email the call centre at info@peterpans.com or visit one of our many shops and quote SAMNZ to receive the discount!

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