Hobart, Tasmania

Commonly known as Australia’s “South Island” one can find the little state of Tasmania. With its small but mighty population of only 500,000 – Tasmania has the potential to offer the traveller such a unique and fulfilling experience.

After an early Jetstar flight, I arrived into Tasmania’s largest and oldest city, Hobart. Hobart is located in the Southeast region of the state and has a total population of approximate 200,000 people (that’s 40% of the entire state!) I picked up an airport shuttle, which provided not only transportation, but also a guided tour through the city (huge bonus!) on the way to my hostel accommodation.

While in Hobart and prior to heading out on my Wayoutback Tasmania tour, I would be staying at The Pickled Frog backpackers. The Pickled Frog is centrally located in city and is a top-notch backpacker haven while travelling through Hobart.

pickled frog

Pickled Frog Backpackers in Hobart, Tasmania.

When I arrived at the frog, I was pleasantly greeted at reception with not only a smiling human face, but also a friendly hostel pup (Baloo). Within minutes of being at the frog I knew it was something special. Big comfy couches, beanbag chairs, a small bar, a fireplace and a communal dining area make this place very cozy to stay in. I found within minutes, it was extremely easy to socialize and meet other solo travellers in this environment. If you ever have the pleasure of travelling to Hobart, put Pickled Frog on the top of your list for places to stay; it’s affordable, has extremely friendly staff, very centrally located, extremely cozy atmosphere and has the most adorable dog in the world wandering around the hostel!

In the first day alone in Hobart I had two “small world” experiences; the first was when I headed down to the Hobart harbour to grab a bite to eat in Salamanca Place… Salamanca Place is Hobart’s eatery district – lined with restaurants, bars and cafes; there is something for everyone’s taste. While walking down the strip, I got enticed by one restaurants menu and as soon as I looked up to walk in… staring right back at me was one of my Peterpans customers from Bondi Junction! The second experience hit a lot closer to home… literally. While spending time at the Pickled Frog, I got caught up in conversation with a girl in my room. She mentioned that the guy sitting across the way was from Canada and lived in a small town just outside of Toronto. After swopping stories with him, we came to the conclusion we both went to university together, were in the same graduating class, had a couple classes together in first year and had over 20 mutual friends. Hobart was starting to feel more like home than anywhere else in Australia I had been in a while!

Another highlight of my time in Hobart was the chance to meet up with some of Tasmania’s top Instagrammers. Going by the names of @lovethywalrus, @jayedevil and @lifecatchme; these lovely individuals were kind enough to give me an insiders look at what makes Tasmania one of the most beautiful states. My first meet up was with @lovethywalrus for my first Hobart sunset over Constitution Dock.


Sunset over Hobart.

I also had the chance to go up Mt Wellington, Mt Nelson and travel around Southern Hobart with @lovethywalrus, @jayedevil and @lifecatchme. Some of the highlights while travelling the coastline were Ninepin Point, the various spectacular views of Bruny Island and lastly the stop at the Cat’s Tongue Chocolatier.


View from Mount Nelson, Tasmania. 

I can’t thank these lovely individuals enough for welcoming me into their instagram gang, giving me a home during Easter time and showing me a side of Tasmania I would never of had the chance to see. #ThanksSoMuch!

The Museum of Old and New Art, commonly referred to as the MONA Museum is a must see activity while travelling through Hobart. This museum is accessible through self-drive, public transportation, shuttle buses or (my personal suggestion) by the MONA ferry. The MONA Ferry departs from the Hobart Harbour, cruises along the Derwent River and takes about 30 minutes until it arrives at the museum. For the duration of the cruise you get spectacular views of the harbour, the various beaches and many of Hobart’s iconic buildings.


MONA Ferry – Mount Wellington in the distance.

When you finally arrive to MONA, it feels as though you are approaching to a set from the James Bond movies – it’s located up on the hill, and has a very unique and mysterious appearance to it.


View from MONA Museum of the Mona Ferry.

Upon arrival to MONA, you are given an iPod and headset to use while you are exploring the various floors of the museum. With no descriptions or names on the art, the visitor is able to personally create the story behind the piece, formulate the meaning of the piece as well as determine what the artist was trying to express without a previous bias. The art found at MONA is dark, mysterious, thought provoking and some may even call it creepy. From all the museums and art galleries that I have visited throughout the years, MONA’s has been one that was able to entice me into coming back very soon. Mona is truly a unique, interesting and worthy experience that everyone should put on his or her Hobart bucket list!

For such a small capital city within Australia, Hobart sure packs a punch. From the beautiful harbour to the beaches, to Mt Wellington, Bruny Island and everything in between; Hobart has it all.

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