Halse Lodge YHA Noosa

Are you a traveller? Have you ever felt home sick when you’ve been travelling? Would do anything for a home cooked meal or a hug from someone you know? Are you looking for the chance to relax and recharge to power you through to the end of your trip?


If you are currently feeling this way or have ever felt this way before, I would love to introduce to you the Halse Lodge YHA Guest House in Noosa Heads. I ran upon the Halse Lodge YHA during my stay in Noosa during the “Best Jobs in the World” contest in June 2013. I had been placed in the Mantra French Quarter Resort and Hotel, which was located directly next door to the Halse Lodge YHA. My coordinator for my itinerary had been in contact with a few locations for my accommodation prior to booking the Mantra and she made contact with the Halse Lodge. They immediately extended their interest in housing me, but due to logistical (me needing a private room) I was unable to sleep there but they extended an invite to come for dinner and drinks one evening. I have never felt so much at home in a place so far away from my actual home. The Halse Lodge is an old guesthouse that provided 92 beds for backpackers of all kinds.


The hostel creates an environment for their guests that are extremely welcoming and friendly. Within minutes of arriving I felt as though I had known Sarah, and Jess (the managers) for years and we were just catching up like old friends. The staff at Halse Lodge would honestly bend over back for anyone who is lucky enough to choose Halse Lodge for their backpacking accommodation while staying Noosa.

After a long day out on my Noosa Everglades Bar-B-Canoe tour I was left quite exhausted and not overly keen to leave my hotel at the Mantra French Quarter. However I don’t like letting people down so I pushed myself out of my hotel, to the Halse Lodge YHA. Kid you not, it was one of the best decisions I have made throughout this entire trip. When I arrived, not only was I greeted with an infectious smile at reception, I was promptly given a tour of the hostel and directed to the two managers. Sarah and Jess (the lovely sisters) were so excited to see me and have me join them. I sat down in the dining area, which was nicely set up to create a community feel and interactive environment. The food was surprisingly amazing as well. I ordered a Thai beef salad and selection of desserts and it was as if they came from a fine-dining restaurant.


Other backpacker’s hostels I have been to before have never really put an emphasis on providing good food for their guests. Halse Lodge ensured that dining and entertainment throughout a backpackers stay was a top priority. My evening at Halse Lodge didn’t end after a couple drinks and dinner; I ended up having such a good time and I met various other travellers that I ended up staying until last call at the hostel bar. I met a few local Australians who come to Halse Lodge to party and we ended up having a few drinks and playing pool in the hostel common area. For a “not-so-busy” winter night, Halse Lodge sure knows how to entertain.

In addition to my amazing evening, I was also invited back the following day before my paddle boarding to grab breakfast (as my hotel/resort did not provide meals) and use their WiFi. Let’s remember everyone… I wasn’t even staying at the Halse Lodge and I was being invited to hang out there! I can’t even express enough how appreciative and welcome I felt here. It was incredible and I wish I could of stayed there a lot longer. The atmosphere when sitting in the common area during breakfast was perfect. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and I was just happy.

20130614_114903 20130614_143300

I couldn’t help but smile as I looked out and saw how beautiful of a view Halse Lodge had from the top of the hill. It really doesn’t surprise me that Halse Lodge has the ability to stop travellers in their tracks and convince them to stay a few extra days, weeks or months before they feel ready to leave this magical place.

I told the ladies that when I left I would be back, and I don’t plan on breaking a promise. I can’t wait to return to my home away from home at the Halse Lodge YHA Guest House in Noosa Heads. It’s a place like no other, and you definitely should Add “this” to Your Bucket List when travelling the East Coast of Australia.

Travelling through Noosa? Contact the Halse Lodge here and stay a night… or two… or until you decide to leave 🙂

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