Discover Noosa – June 12th (Day 10)

The life of a backpacker is non-stop. Moving from city to city, hostel to hostel, attraction to attraction – always changing, moving, learning and exploring. It gets exhausting at times but what keeps backpackers going is the lust for wandering, exploring, discovering and experiencing new experiences. The feeling of arriving at a foreign destination and not knowing exactly what to expect is electrifying. It keeps people who love to travel, hooked and creates the impetus behind a lot of travellers wanting to make travel their career. I recently have discovered that adventure, exploring and travelling is my passion and I can’t imagine a life without it.

 On June 12th, I was on the move again and was headed to Brisbane in the morning via Virgin Australia. When I arrived at the airport I found out my flight had been delayed about and hour, which was a slight inconvenience but nothing to fuss over. We ended up landing in Brisbane just after 1pm and I was pleasantly greeted by my bus shuttle compliments of SunAir Bus Service. It is always such a pleasure and relief to have someone waiting for you when you land in a new destination. It takes off a lot of the pressure of finding a shuttle when you are already flustered about just landing. SunAir Bus Service does airport transfers from the Brisbane Airport all the way up to Noosa Heads, and everywhere in between. With great thanks to my wonderful driver, I made it to my next stop, the Australia Zoo in no time. Don’t worry, when I say “no time,” I don’t mean he was speeding – he was just very efficient from the airport pick-up to the Zoo drop off!

When I arrived at the Australia Zoo, I didn’t know what to expect. I had been to various zoos in my life with some of them including; the San Diego Zoo, Toronto Zoo, and Singapore Zoo. I had only heard good things about the Australia Zoo from my peers and various online sources I have read, but I questioned “how is it really that different from all the other zoos I’ve been to.” It only took about 5 minutes of being in the zoo and meeting Saira for my expectations to be surpassed.


My experience at the Australia Zoo sparked an idea for the development of a section of my blog called, Add “this” to Your Bucket List. Add “this” to Your Bucket List plans to be a compilation of experiences you really have to do. Plain and simple, if you are in the area, make the trip. They may include anything from visiting a certain country in the world, to a unique town or city, or a restaurant or bar with an exceptional dish or drink. Anything that sticks out as something you don’t want to miss will be highlighted. I am excited to see where this section takes me, and what new experiences I can find and share with you.


The first experience I have discovered that I am proud to make my pilot post for Add “this” to Your Bucket List is Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo.  To find this story about the Australia Zoo, please follow the link here. <– You don’t want to miss this! Seriously!

Following the Australia Zoo, I was picked up by SunAir Bus Service again and transferred to my accommodation in Noosa. Noosa is a beautiful little beach town on the Sunshine Coast. It is located about an hour and a half north of Brisbane, QLD. When I arrived, the Mantra French Quarter in Noosa had set up quite the spectacular room for me. Included in my room was a complimentary spa kit, wicked glass water bottle, chocolate covered cherries (I obviously ate them before I was able to capture them on camera), and an assortment of teas and coffees. I had my own bedroom with a king size bed and TV, a living room with a kitchen, couch and TV (I know 2 TV’s in one room – CRAZY!) as well as beautiful bathroom.


Chocolate covered cherries nowhere to be found…20130612_17582520130612_17582020130612_17583420130612_175847

I merely cried when I saw the washer and dryer. The luxury of washing your clothes is really taken for granted. 

My suite backed out onto a patio, and further onto the resort pool and hot tubs. Not only are their various things to do while on the resort, it is with close proximity to the main Noosa “strip” which makes getting to the beach and restaurants quite easy. I ended up being so comfortable at the Mantra when I arrived, that I stayed inside for the night and caught up on my sleep. Nothing left to say here but goodnight Noosa.

Sam Clarke

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