18 “Best Jobs” Finalists Have Been Announced!

Over the last month I have been closely following the “Best Jobs in the World” contest offered by Tourism Australia. I have been extremely impressed by the quality of work by each of the competitors.

When looking back at my experience in the “Best Jobs” campaign, my contest definitely wasn’t as big, but I know exactly the roller coaster of emotions that each finalists has been going through. Being apart of a contest of this sort is guaranteed to be a huge learning experience and each contestant will take something out of it regardless of their submission outcome.

With that being said, out of the 600,000 applications and the 45,000 video submissions worldwide – the 150 original shortlisted finalists has been narrowed down to only 18 finalists! The top 3 out of the 25 who campaigns for each of the 6 jobs will be making their way down to Australia via Virgin Airways for June 12th 2013! They will be put to the ultimate test, going through various in-person interviews, and adventures to test if they are the BEST person for the job. It’s going to be quite the race to the finish line and I can’t wait to see how far the top 18 will go to get the job!

Check out the list below and visit the https://bestjobs.australia.com website to watch the Top 18 video submissions!


I can’t even begin to think of how excited all the finalists are for the rest of the competition – definitely must be an indescribable feeling. Congratulations again to every contestant and a special shoutout to Greg Snell going for Wildlife Caretaker from CANADA! Greg is the only Canadian out of thousands who will be heading down under in June and hopefully i’ll meet him during my travel blogging trip!

It’s crazy to think about how soon I will be going to Australia thanks to CampusPerks and Tourism Australia and the “Best Jobs” Travel Guru contest I participated in this spring. I have been in constant communication with both Campus Perks and Tourism Australia about the itinerary of my trip! It is looking absolutely incredible so far, and I can’t wait for it to be set in stone in the next week or so. As of now, my tentative departure date with Virgin Airways is June 3rd where I will be having a connection in Los Angeles, USA. I will then continue my journey to Sydney, Australia and spend about 3 weeks in various locations throughout the country and blog about my experience. I have been provided with the NEW Samsung Galaxy Camera to help capture my journey and I will then instantly share my experience with the world through my social media networks.

Over the last couple weeks I have been spending a lot of time preparing my social media networks for me to share my trip of a lifetime with you. I am extremely excited and anxious to get my adventure going and through my experience I hope to inspire my many followers to travel to Australia in the future.

Australia is commonly referred to as the “Lucky Country,” and I truly believe that some of Australia’s luck has rubbed off on me lately. Here’s to hoping this luck continues for a while and to me continuing my spontaneous, adventurous and wanderlust-ful life.


Sam Clarkey;

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