Anything I can do, YOU can do BETTER!

So you’ve heard about the “Best Jobs in the World” campaign from everything I have posted in the last couple weeks. You think they are pretty cool and would definitely be interested in doing on of the AUZsome job opportunities. You’ve visited the website, checked out the trailer, and was amazed by how incredible these jobs in Australia are.

Then doubt sits in… you debate if these jobs are actually legit. You question if these jobs are real, and wonder if there is a catch. You can’t believe how awesome these jobs are and assume they must be impossible to get. You then decide you aren’t going to apply because you believe you have no chance in getting selected for one of these jobs.

I am here to show you have easy and fun it is to apply for one of these jobs, and tell you about a personal experience that can be relevant to each of the various jobs offered in Australia!

6 jobssss

So YOU want to be the CHIEF FUNSTER in Sydney, NSW?


Doubtful you can be the life of the party?

Well I was… so YOU can be too!


So YOU want to be a WILDLIFE CARETAKER in South Australia?


Don’t think animals like you?

Well animals like me… so they will like YOU too!


So YOU want to be a LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER in Melbourne, VIC?


Don’t think you have an eye for photography and being creative?

Well I did… and so can YOU!

DSCN0824 IMG_0115

So YOU want to be an OUTBACK ADVENTURER in Northern Territory?


Don’t think you can handle sleeping under the stars in a SWAG bag in the middle of the outback?

Well I did, and LOVED it… so YOU will too!


So YOU want to be a PARK RANGER in Queensland?


Afraid of height and don’t think you can handle living in the wilderness for 1 week without showering or warm food?

Well I did, and had the best time ever… and so will YOU!DSCN0640


So YOU want to be a TASTE MASTER in Western Australia? mmmm…


You love to try new and exotic foods but you don’t have “taste-testing” experience?

Well I didn’t either, and I sure ATE my way around AUSTRALIA… so YOU can too!486451_10150753585096474_214063097_n


Anything I can do, YOU can do better! Make sure you apply for one of the “Best Jobs in the World!” You won’t regret it, and I guarantee you will have the best 6 months of your life!


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