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Happy – Byron Bay

A good friend once told me something so simple, yet so powerful that it has managed to stick with me for many years. The mantra that she continues to live by and continues to pass on to those who have the pleasure of meeting her; “Do what makes you happy until it doesn’t make you happy anymore, then change.” At the end of the day I couldn’t agree more – you only have one life to live so why spend…

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Best Jobs in the World

There is no place like Australia for Canadians.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around how amazing the last couple weeks have been. I look back a few months ago when I was on a Quebec City March Break trip with S-Trip and I received an email about applying to be Tourism Australia’s next travel blogger for the “Best Jobs in the World” contest. I have always been one to jump on any opportunity and with that I applied. Fast forward 2 months and I had…

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Australia Best Jobs in the World

Australia '13 – Best Jobs in the World (June 3rd – June 14th)

G’day mates! I have officially arrived back in Sydney and will be staying at the InterContinental Sydney Hotel with the rest of the “Best Jobs in the World” crew until the final announcement event on Friday June 21st. All the finalists have returned from their respective states and are now competing in the final challenges of “finals week” all in Sydney. I have just checked into my hotel room and am waiting to meet up with my contact, Alison for…

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