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Best Jobs in the World

Best Jobs in the World

A Sneak Peek into the Lives of the "Best Jobs" Winners

It has been just over a month since Tourism Australia’s “Best Jobs in the World” winners were announced on June 21st 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Since the final announcement, many of the “Best Jobs” contestants have either returned to their home country with or without a job or stayed in Australia to explore further.

The “Best Jobs in the World” contest has impacted each finalist in a variety of ways as well as it has opened up thousands of opportunities for their futures. Since I have been so heavily invested in the campaign from the get-go, I found a great interest in checking up on what the “Best Jobs” contestants have been up to following the final announcement.

Over the last month, I have caught up with various contestants and received a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how “Best Jobs” affected them, as well as what their plans are for the future (regardless if they are returning to Australia). Through the various interactions with the contestants post-“Best Jobs,” I managed to obtain a solid understanding of the impact this campaign had on all those involved. I hope you enjoy a sneak peek into the lives of some of the “Best Jobs” contestants…


Best Jobs Winners – Photograph by Greg Snell (Wildlife Caretaker)

What was the initial reaction from your family, friends, and community after the “Best Jobs” announcement?

In addition to the hundreds of Facebook messages, tweets, emails, phone calls, and text messages – every winner received incredible support from their family and friends back home. Roberto Seba (Lifestyle Photographer) stated “everyone was extremely happy as soon as they heard the news. The day of the announcement my wife was on twitter checking every five seconds for the results. As soon as she found out, she immediately called my parents and I guess the neighbors could hear them screaming.”

Andrew Smith (Chief Funster) expressed that his mom and girlfriend were freaking out. “I called them on the phone at one point and couldn’t really understand what they were saying, but I took it as a good thing. My dad was having a proud father moment and all my friends were stoked and hopefully proud that they helped me get there.” Moreover, I believe that Rich Keam (Taste Master) must have got his humour from his father as he mentioned that “the initial reaction from my family was my Dad winding my Mum up pretending I hadn’t won, when I phoned and woke them in the middle of the night after the announcement.”

Lastly, the most unexpected and shocked reaction came from Cameron Ernst’s (High Flyer) friends, family and community back in Dallas, TX. Cameron said “my close friends and family couldn’t believe that I had landed one of the best jobs in the world (let alone the surprise seventh job). They were especially shocked because I was originally flown out to Sydney by Tourism Australia not really sure what was in store. Some of my friends didn’t even know what was going on because I hadn’t had a chance to tell them I was leaving for Australia. It was quite the news that I would be moving there for six months!”

Has anything changed in your life since the announcement?

Andrew Smith, Rich Keam, Cameron Ernst and Elisa Detrez (Park Ranger) all expressed that nothing has really changed since getting one of the Best Jobs. While speaking to Cameron he stated that “in my time back at home in Dallas before I leave for my job, I’m just getting to relax and take comfort in knowing I have an amazing job waiting for me down under. This is a common feeling that I received from the various winners when I spoke with them over the last couple weeks – The relief that all their hard work paid off in the end and they now have one of the “Best Jobs” in the world.

While being back in Ireland, Allan Dixon (Outback Adventurer) mentioned that he had been receiving very random and interesting messages and calls about his Australia experience. Roberto Seba and Allan Dixon both emphasized the amount of publicity and coverage they have received following the competition. Allan stated that he “did about fifteen radio interviews since winning.” I wouldn’t be surprised if strangers who recognize them from the contest have stopped many of these finalists on the street.

In great assuredness, Greg Snell (Wildlife Caretaker) revealed something different in that his “entire life has changed. I will be packing up ship and moving to Australia hopefully for good. This is the next step for my career within the world of international tourism and the perfect introduction to working in Australia.”

What have you been up to the last couple weeks since the announcement?

Since the announcement event, the various winners have been living very diverse lives. From wrapping up work in their home countries and quitting their previous jobs, they have all been focusing their time on their returns to Australia. Andrew Smith mentioned that since he doesn’t start his contract until December, most of what he has been doing since being home has been to “overcome his homelessness, move his stuff and sell everything that he owns.”

A few of the winners decided to extend their stay in Australia to seek out some additional travel experiences. Greg Snell rented a car in Sydney and drove 1700kms in 6 days to finally arrive in Melbourne. From Melbourne, he flew to Adelaide and met up with the South Australia Tourism Commission to finalize a more concrete schedule for what his role as Wildlife Caretaker will entail. To read more about Greg’s Great Australian Road trip follow this link —  Even though Moska Najib didn’t win her category as Lifestyle Photographer she similarly decided to stay in Australia and explore the country further. “I’ve visited family and friends and just taken time out to figure what I want to do next with my life. After such an experience, it all seems a bit surreal to come back to reality.” Furthermore, Graham Michael Freeman and Aude Mayans (Top 3 Outback Adventurer Finalists) impressed the judges throughout the competition and were invited back to the Northern Territory for a month to cover some of NT’s hottest events. From the Darwin Beer Can Regatta to a helicopter pub-crawl to Alice Spring’s Camel Cup – these two finalists have truly been “living the dream.”


For many of the winners who returned home immediately, they continued living their everyday lives and working their previous jobs. Roberto Seba stated, “I’ve returned to Sao Paulo. 
Now, I’ve been finishing up some freelance work I had here in Brazil and organizing things for the next 6 months.” Cameron Ernst played a concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is where a lot of his family lives. “It was great seeing them and getting to update them face-to-face with my exciting news. I’ve also been able to spend time with friends and family in Dallas and plan to continue soaking up summer in America before I go spend the summer in Australia.” Since Rich Keam has returned to Brighton he said he has been “changing nappies, playing tennis, watching Wimbledon, done a couple of days work on the Wachowski Brothers new film, eating out, seeing friends and family, enjoying the sunshine, eating ice cream, playing guitar, and generally having a bloody good time and making the most of everything.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping up to date with each contestant’s journey through “Best Jobs” and I find it even more fascinating how this experience has shaped their futures.

What is the coolest/most unique experience you had after the announcement event?

From appearing on National television, to the first sight of their loved ones at the airport, or to finally being able to sit back and relax knowing what the future has in store – each contestant had no trouble finding something unique that stood out from participating in the “Best Jobs” campaign.

Directly following the announcement event, Rich Keam “thoroughly enjoyed appearing live via video link up from the 5-star Intercontinental Hotel Sydney to BBC Breakfast and slightly unnerving the hosts during his interview by waving giant salt and pepper grinders around – that made his friends laugh.” Quite differently, Greg Snell found that his Great Australian Road trip made it to the top of his list following the announcement. “To get out on the open road, roll the window down and let the air rush through. It is a feeling of absolute freedom and possibility, and gets my creative juices flowing. I also drove with a good friend and was able to share old stories and new dreams for the future.”

Andrew Smith defined his coolest and most unique experience since being announced Chief Funster as simply being able to relax knowing that something awesome was in the future. He believed that these experiences are the “byproduct of impromptu decisions and taking huge risks.”

With Elisa Detrez return to Paris, she felt that her welcoming at the CDG airport was just so cool. Elisa states that “my family and a few friends were standing in the arrival gate with some flags from my home region, they were dressed up with koala faces and doing much noise to warm up the airport!” She thought it was so nice that everyone there was excited to welcome her back and it made her feel so good about her entire experience. Roberto Seba also found extreme joy in returning to Brazil with the pleasure to see the look on his wife’s face. He mentioned that “she has quit her job and they are both very excited about the idea of moving to Melbourne together.”

Lastly, after Allan Dixon’s return home, he experienced something unique that related to his hometown roots. “I was going to buy some new guitar strings in my local music shop PowerSound and a lady with a popup t-shirt stand in the alley entrance to the shop stopped me on to congratulate me. I told her what I’ll be doing and was so proud of the fact that I won, and being a local in the town that she gave me a free t-shirt with a print of my home town crest of Arklow on it. To represent my hometown and take some cool pictures in the outback with.”

When do you plan on returning to Australia for your contract?

In chronological order the Best Jobs winners will return to Australia with Allan Dixon and Elisa Detrez taking an early lead and arriving in early August. Following shortly behind will be Graham Michael Freeman (Tasmania Devil Wrangler), Cameron Ernst, and Rich Keam set to arrive in middle/late August. Roberto Seba plans to return on September 2nd to begin his contract in beautiful Melbourne.

Last but definitely not least, Greg Snell and Andrew Smith will be wrapping up the arrival dates with their return in December. The arrival dates all have been arranged in respect to maximizing the quality and quantity of opportunities and experiences that the winners will cover throughout their 6-month contracts.


In addition to those selected for the 8 “Best Jobs,” various other finalists have expressed interest in returning to Australia and seeing everything that it offers. Julian Button (Top 3 Taste Master) mentioned that he’d “love to see more of Australia, Tasmania, Melbourne, more of Western Australia and go into the Outback. Drink wine in the Margaret River and do everything that I haven’t done and all that I would have loved to do in my job as a Taste Master.”

What are you most excited for when you return to Australia?

Allan Dixon (Outback Adventurer, NT)


“I can’t wait to experience some freedom again. It’s going to be so much fun, to me this is holiday with the bonus of being paid. I love filming and creating stories. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things and go on adventures with some cool people in the Northern Territory. Also I’m probably going to melt and get sun burnt in Australia. I’m not used to sun at all. I’ve got very pale skin.”

Andrew Smith (Chief Funster, NSW)


“To finally discover NSW properly. We got to go there for the finals, but we were very busy and also in the middle of a tough competition. To go back and explore, open my eyes a bit and create content exclusively for people to consume rather than for judges seems awesome.”

Cameron Ernst (High Flyer, Virgin Australia)


“I just can’t wait to come back and get started! There is so much that I have to look forward to from the platinum status to working with the amazing company and brand that is Virgin Australia, to traveling the entire country and experiencing the best service and hospitality. It will be fun to reconnect with each of the winners in their respective states as well. I’m so thankful that I’ll get a little bit of everything in my job!”

Elisa Detrez (Park Ranger, QLD)


“Everything! Visiting beautiful places, meeting new people, living a great experience, and I hope to catch up with the other winners along the way. Would be nice to share our experiences and feelings on Best Jobs adventure.”

Greg Snell (Wildlife Caretaker, SA)


“I am most excited about starting the day to day duties and responsibilities. The overview so far has been incredible and the 6 months is looking like a completely epic adventure of a lifetime. From diving and snorkeling with Sea Lions, to conservation volunteer projects, to scientific knowledge and research projects on some incredibly unique wildlife. This is truly just the beginning of something so much bigger. The time is now.”

Rich Keam (Taste Master, WA)

Best Jobs in the World winners

“I’m most excited about a new adventure. Going to explore somewhere that I’ve never been before, also because I’ll have my family there to share in it as well. I’m looking forward to experiencing the humbling vastness of Western Australia, to get a different outlook on life, to have a change of perception, to meet lots of new people, immerse myself in a different country and culture, and most importantly, to eat and drink loads and loads of really tasty grub!”

Roberto Seba (Lifestyle Photographer, VIC)


“I really loved Melbourne. It’s such a cool city! There’s always some festival going on down there. I think it’s going to be a blast living there and experiencing the city on an everyday basis. I just want to walk around with my camera, meet new people, eat great food and discover the city. 
Also, I can’t wait to see the rest of Victoria state! Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island, Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road… There’s so much to see!”

It was such an uplifting and inspirational experience to catch up with the contestants following the “Best Jobs” finals week.  It is very evident that this experience has been nothing but amazing and life changing for everyone involved. The “Best Jobs in the World” campaign by Tourism Australia brought together an exceptionally talented and diverse group of people from around the world for one common dream: to get the job of a lifetime. Though not everyone was able to make their dream a reality, everyone had a chance to push their boundaries, discover the beauty of Australia, and make a handful of lifelong friendships along the way. Even a month after the “Best Jobs” contest, I still find myself thinking about it regularly and having it bring a huge smile to my face. It is truly incredible the impact that this campaign had on not only Australian tourism, but youth travellers and adventurers around the world.

Best Jobs in the World winners

To all the youths out there contemplating taking that leap of faith to pack your bags, Greg Snell (Canada) leaves you with a bit of inspiration… “we have so much talent and potential, the world sees it and is asking you to expel your desires upon things that truly matter. This is but one chance, this is a portion of our story, and this is your life. Live it.”

Best Jobs in the World

Thank you Australia and "Best Jobs in the World" – Back to Canada

Goodbye Australia – June 26th 2013

I can’t believe it – 3 weeks, 17 flights, 4 Australian states and thousands of memories and pictures; I’ve touched down back in Canada. With the accumulation of layover times, and flight times, June 26th 2013 has been the longest day in my entire life with over 30 hours of being in transit. I woke up at 630am (Melbourne time) to head to the airport to catch my 10am flight from MEL- SYD. I had 4 flights on the agenda before arriving in Toronto. Melbourne to Sydney (1.5 hours), Sydney to Los Angeles (14 hours), Los Angeles to Detroit (4 hours) and Detroit to Toronto (1 hour).

20130626_091555 20130626_091541

When I landed in Toronto I experienced mixed emotions. I was felt waves of excitement for finally touching down in Toronto after the long day of travelling, as well as opposite feelings of immediate disbelief for not still being in Australia. I couldn’t fathom that the 3 weeks that I had been counting down towards, and been dreaming of were already over. I began to reflect on all the experiences, places and people that I had met during those three weeks and instantly began to smile. When you travel, it is extremely difficult to find the time to sit back and recognize how some of the experiences, places and people you meet impact you. It becomes something that you start to take for granted, and something you don’t realize the extent of its “awesomeness” (excuse my poor English) until you are fully removed from the situation – After returning from my first big trip last year (Exchange in Melbourne), I found myself exercising a weekly habit of scrolling through pictures and reflecting on my time.

Australia has a way to put me in a state of “awe” easier than anywhere else in the world. Within the last 3 weeks, I experienced a diverse range of incredible landscapes, world-famous iconic landmarks, unique wildlife encounters and mouth-watering food and drink.


It was surprising to me that everything I experienced in Australia managed to blow me away. It was extremely easy for me to get over the early morning grumpiness when I arrived at my planned tours for the day. Greeted with a smiling face, morning tea and a day full of exploring ahead of me – there was no reason not to smile. Everyday presented itself with a new learning experience, a chance for exploration as well as many photo opportunities. There were so many photo ops that I managed to snap over 1500 photos in the 3 weeks!!


This trip to Australia was extremely different than the first time I was in Australia. To be more specific, I found a huge difference in the amount of communication I made to people back in Canada. Last year while I was in Australia, I tried my best to keep in contact with my friends, family and followers as much as I could – constantly checking to see what they were doing, what I was missing back at Western University and how everyone was doing. It was extremely exhausting and took away from a lot of the experiences I was having. I had FOMO (fear of missing out) all the time, and sometimes it was so bad that I wanted to just go home. However this year was completely different – I hardly had the time or interest in being fully connected to back home. I found that I easily immersed myself in the Australia lifestyles and took in everything and anything that was presented to me. I was more confident in my ability to be alone, speak to strangers and make friends on my tours. It was such a nice feeling and really showed the amount of growth I had made within the last year. Travelling has been the main reason for this personal growth.

This may come as a shock to many people, but my favourite part of the “Best Jobs in the World” was meeting the 18 finalists. It was surreal to think that all 18 finalists had gone through such a life-changing and rigorous process to get to this stage in the competition. They each managed to beat out 600,000 other people, 40,000+ video submissions, and 196 countries to be in the top 3 of their category.


There were finalists from all over the world such as places including: USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, France, Scotland, Britain, Afghanistan and many more. They all had such a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, travel histories and special talents, which ensured that the conversations between the group were extremely enlightening. They each had something special to share and bring to the competition. Some had a background in acting while others were singers, perpetual travellers, and fashion artists.

20130617_125900 20130621_113639

Though they all had very different backgrounds, they all shared the common goal of wanting to win one of the “Best Jobs in the World” and this goal created a very special bond between them. Not only was this bond shared amongst the finalists, I began to feel it too. I couldn’t believe how invested I became in this campaign over the last few months.

This journey has been one that you can’t quite put into words. It was something you had to be apart of to fully understand how amazing it was. I was put into situations that were extremely overwhelming and unfamiliar at first – for example: being constantly surrounded by media crews, news reporters, and high up businessmen and women. Being put in a situation where I had to be professional was such a learning experience, and it helped me realize that this atmosphere was one I enjoyed. It helped me realize my passion for working in a fast-paced environment, working with various media and news crews, as well as staying committed to daily sharing my experiences with my followers on my social media networks.


Not a day passed that I wasn’t constantly updating my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blog with engaging and unique content that traced my “Best Jobs” journey. Thanks to “Best Jobs,” I think I have found my niche. I can’t think of anything else I would enjoy more than travelling the world while sharing my experiences and stories. I would hope that me continuing to share my adventures they will hopefully inspire people to do the same.

As I sit back in Canada writing this post, I can’t help but think about how life-changing the last 3 weeks really were. I know that the term “life-changing” is thrown around loosely all the time and sometimes it isn’t represented properly. However in this cause, Tourism Australia’s “Best Jobs” Contest has truly been “life-changing” that I am about 90% confident I will be moving back to Australia in the next couple months. This huge move was never on the agenda before this trip, and other commitments will be taking the back burner at this point in my life. The choice to move to Australia and pursue my passion and future career interests in marketing, social media and content producing is something that I’ve recently grown to love. As a recent University graduate, getting my working holiday visa to enhance and add to my personal portfolio is the best decision I could make right now. The world is at my fingertips and I think you need to take advantage of opportunities like this while you are young. In addition, it is extremely difficult for anyone with just a degree from University to find a job. With what I have realized through my time away, I really encourage any recent University graduate to look into gaining additional experience in their field of interest, either through an internship or working while abroad. The opportunity to gain that additional “edge” will help set one apart from somebody else vying for the same position/job.

It’s been a crazy ride the last couple months and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been living a life of spontaneity, constant motion, and constant change – what could be better? I am ecstatic that I have also been able to share this crazy ride in Australia, and the “Best Jobs” contest with you over the last couple weeks.


So, what’s next for this wanderer? Is it time to relax for a while and allow myself to get over the jetlag? … NO WAY JOSE – It’s off onto another adventure!

For the next three weeks I will be exercising another travel style which is of interest to me: Being a tour guide with youths. With Westcoast Connection/360 Student Travel I will be going through the USA, and visiting New York City, Boston, Washington D.C and New Jersey as a Community Service Trip Leader. It’s going to be quite a change of pace from my “Best Jobs” experience, but I look forward to working with students and seeing the impact that travelling has on them directly. It’s going to be a busy three weeks and I hope to keep everyone as updated as I possibly can. Make sure to follow my Twitter: @sam_clarkey, Instagram: @sam_clarkey and Facebook Page: Samantha Clarke – Travel Guru for instant updates on the adventures we get up to.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to continuing to share my stories with you in the future.

Cheers for now,

Sam Clarke

Australia Best Jobs in the World

A Quick Stop in Melbourne

 June 24th 2013 – Day #1

After spending 5 months living in Melbourne during my academic exchange, it was never in my wildest dreams that I would be returning within the next year! As an add-on to my “Best Jobs” itinerary, I planned to spend 2 days down in Melbourne visiting a friend. It was the perfect amount of time to get a refresher of the city and spend some quality time with Sara.

I arrived on my Virgin Australia flight from Sydney at 12.30pm and was picked up by Sara at the airport. It has only been a year since we have seen each other, but when you spend so much time together in such a short period of time (5 months), the distance makes it seems like forever! Before heading straight into the city to take full advantage of the time I had, we headed to her house in a small suburb outside of the city. Her family is so welcoming to me, and it is always nice to see them when I am in town.


We picked up her brother at her house and we headed to the Melbourne CBD (Central Business District) to grab a coffee at our usual meeting spot; the Starbucks outside of Flinders Train Station. Flinders Train Station is the oldest train station in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is truly a building of beauty. The bright yellow/gold colour draws in attention to tourists, and has become a very iconic stop for those who visit Melbourne.



After grabbing a coffee at Starbucks, we made our way to Melbourne Central (another train stop) and grabbed a bite to eat. Melbourne is extremely easy to navigate as it is in a grid pattern. It has a very different layout than Sydney as everything is generally in one central area (CBD), whereas in Sydney, there are attractions all over the place: Sydney Harbour, Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, etc. Following Melbourne Central, we did a bit of shopping and since it was getting late we headed back to her house. The night was spent hanging out with her family and watching the movie Playing For Keeps. We headed to bed early to ensure a productive and early start the next day!

June 25th 2013 – Day #2

It was my last day in not only Melbourne, but also Australia for this trip! Sara and I headed to the city right away with a quick stop at the Flinders Station Starbucks… of course. People laugh at the fact that we choose Starbucks in Melbourne, because Melbourne is world-renowned to have some of the best coffee. I think it has become more of a tradition than anything else and we don’t really want to break it.

Our afternoon was spent checking out some of Melbourne’s many alleys and laneways. We were on a hunt for street art. When I say “street art” I don’t mean big posters or paintings in frames, or any sort of traditional art – I’m speaking of graffiti art.


Hidden amongst many of Melbourne’s little alleys and laneways you will find some of the world’s best graffiti. The city realizes that it is a huge tourist attraction and it is actually encouraged for those graffiti artists with a real talent. It was really neat that when we went down one of the laneways a graffiti artist was in action.



I was blown away by the caliber of art found in these laneways – it was incredible. I definitely recommend that if you are ever in Melbourne for a couple days, make sure you head to the Melbourne Travel Centre on Federation Square and ask for a map of Melbourne’s street art. There were about 9 different locations recognized on this map that have very diverse and unique street art that were all within walking distance from the CBD.


We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some souvenir shopping and grabbing lunch at Grill’d in the “Degraves” laneway. This laneway must have had at least 20 cafes and restaurants in a row! I was surprised how busy it was on a Tuesday afternoon – It’s really nice seeing people out and enjoying themselves throughout the week and during the “winter” season. 


Melbourne in the winter isn’t as bad as many people make it out to be. Yes it does get to about zero degrees in the morning, but with a light jacket during the day you are set. I found it to be the perfect exploring weather and definitely beats the Canadian winter!

My visit in Melbourne was definitely short and sweet. It was the perfect amount of time to catch up with Sara, as well as provided a refresher of the city I called home for 5 months last year. With Melbourne being only an hour flight from Sydney, or a 9 hour drive – it is the perfect stopover if you have a few spare days in Sydney and don’t know what to do. I have noticed that many travellers don’t make it down past Sydney when they do the East Coast. It is definitely worth the trip!

Tomorrow I would be leaving to head back to Canada after three unbelievable weeks in Australia. It has flown by… but I guess that is what happens when you are having fun, right?

Here’s to a 30+ hour travel day!

Sam Clarke

Best Jobs in the World

The End of One Adventure and the Beginning of Many More

600,000 impressions. 196 countries. Over 40,000 application videos. 7 jobs awarded. The “Best Jobs in the World” Contest has come to an end. After years of brainstorming, planning, implementing and finally executing, the 7 “Best Jobs” winners have landed their $100,000 contracts and will be heading back to Australia between August and December 2013 to start their “dream jobs.”


The announcement ended in dreams being made for some, and dreams being crushed for others. For those individuals who unfortunately received the bad news; good news was delivered at the Wrap Party that two new amazing job opportunities were available. One position was offered by STA Travel Australia in their social media and content production team. The second position was offered through Tourism Tasmania and is essentially the 9th “Best Job.” In addition to the original 6 “Best Jobs,” the Virgin Australia “High Flyer” and the Social Media Job in the Tourism Australia Sydney office – Tasmania has taken the 9th spot and jumped on the bandwagon. The Tasmania job would be doing similar content production, social media and digital marketing to the other 6 “Best Jobs,” but in Tasmania. Targeting a very different demographic than the other jobs – Tasmania is a very exciting opportunity that one of the finalists will retrieve and call home soon enough. These are two very exciting additions to the “Best Jobs” contest, and many of the disappointed finalists have invested quite a lot of time in researching and applying for these positions over the last couple days post their “Best Jobs” disappointment.

As I mentioned before, the “Best Jobs” contest came to an end on Friday June 21st in the morning, and the winners spent the remainder of the day in various media appearances, interviews or hitting the shops. I accompanied Greg (Wildlife Caretaker), Andrew (Chief Funster) and Allan (Outback Adventurer) on a post winning shopping spree in downtown Sydney.


Good spirited winners and “losers.”20130621_160841

Allan (the lucky leprechaun) and I with our cupcakes! 

With the Wrap Party happening that evening, everyone wanted to be looking his or her absolute “best.” The remaining finalists were treated to a spa day at the QT hotel, prior to the Wrap Party. The Wrap Party was a perfect way to tie this amazing experience to an end, and good times were had by all.


Cheers! – Oyster… YUCK!20130621_204611

Whale Sharkin’ It with Julian (Germany)20130621_205947

Graham (USA) and I

Saturday June 22nd –Day 1 Post “Best Jobs”

The morning following the Wrap Party was spent recovering, enjoying a game of water volleyball on the 31st floor of the hotel and beginning a pub-crawl arranged by your new Chief Funster, Andrew Smith (USA). Due to Andrew’s love for craft beer, he spontaneously created a 4 bar, pub-crawl for the “Best Jobs” crew to complete. I think we were all impressed by his ability to gather a group together in such a short period of time, and really find the “fun. “At 2.00pm we met in the lobby and headed to the first stop on the crawl, Lord Nelson’s in The Rocks. The group chose between a selection of different styles of beer, and we found ourselves a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy.


Amazing photobomb… 

The next and last stop (because we were having too much fun) was at Hart’s Pub. At Hart’s Pub, a few of us grabbed a “paddle” and enjoyed a sample of 4 different styles of beer for only 10$. It was a perfect way for someone who doesn’t know much/or anything at all about beer to see what he or she prefers.


It was evident that everyone was having an amazing time, and it was the perfect way to get everyone together after a long couple weeks leading up to the end of “Best Jobs.” I have no doubt that Andrew will be an amazing Chief Funster, and will find and create the “fun” all over New South Wales.

The evening concluded with a few of the finalists and myself heading out to an Italian restaurant near our hotel called Alfredo’s for dinner. It was an early night for many of us as the exhaustion from post “Best Jobs” had really begun to set in.

Sunday June 23rd – Day 2 Post “Best Jobs”

Today was my last day in Sydney before heading to Melbourne for two days. It was really starting to hit me that my “Best Jobs” journey was coming to an end, and how sad it would be to say goodbye to everyone I had met along the way. It is crazy to think about how close you get to some people in such a short period of time – I understand the feeling better when I realize that experiences like this don’t happen very often, and when you are around people who have invested so much of their time, energy and a huge portion of their lives into a common goal, you are inevitably going to have a strong connection. I ensured that today was spent out and about, and with people the entire time. Following another amazing breakfast at the Intercontinental Hotel, myself and a few finalists headed out shopping for the remainder of the morning.


I had to pick up a few souvenirs and presents, and some of the finalists needed to shop. It was really the only time they had for themselves over the last two weeks!


Following shopping, the entire “Best Jobs” crew headed out to dinner at Wagamama, a Japanese restaurant for a final dinner before Cameron Ernst (Virgin Australia’s High Flyer) and myself left. CC made little goodbye gifts for everyone. They were dollar coins in a red envelope and they symbolized a fresh start and good luck for the future. It almost brought me to tears when she gave it to me – thank you CC, you will definitely be missed.


An after party was held in Elisa’s (Park Ranger) room to complete an amazing night. Andrew, Cameron and I trekked to the only bottle shop in Sydney (so it seemed) that was open, and purchased some beer and wine to split amongst the group. We kept partying for all hours of the night – with CC (Taiwan) being the biggest form of entertainment for sure.

Monday June 24th – Day 3 Post “Best Jobs” – Leaving Sydney

This was it! Today I officially exited the “Best Jobs” world, and was heading down to Melbourne for a couple days before flying home to Canada. I woke up bright and early (around 7am) this morning and definitely wasn’t feeling myself. I had a hard time getting out of bed, and didn’t really want to do anything. When I did get myself out of bed, I dreaded packing my bag, and left it to the last possible minute before I left. I headed down to meet the crew at breakfast and could hardly eat. I wasn’t hungry at all, but I forced myself to put something in my stomach. It was nice to have a chance to see everyone one last time at breakfast before I left however it was extremely sad. We all come from different places all over the world from, Canada to the USA, to Afghanistan, Ireland, Taiwan, Scotland, France, Hong Kong and plenty more. It is very unlikely we would ever all be together in the same place ever again.

It was also very difficult saying goodbye to Alison from Tourism Australia. I can’t put into words how appreciative I am for everything she has done for me. She has been like an older sister this entire trip, constantly going above and beyond what I expected of her to make sure I was on track with my itinerary and I knew exactly what time and where I had to be. I was never left hanging anywhere, no matter if I was in Sydney, Cairns or in South Australia. I was looked after better that I thought I would have been and it made for an amazing trip that I will never ever forget. Thank you Alison – I will see you soon!


The only picture we had together 🙁 Unfortunately Alison’s eyes are shut. 

So with my last final goodbyes, I grabbed a taxi and headed to the Sydney Airport for my 11am flight to Melbourne. It was definitely an all around emotional day – a lot of very sad goodbyes, some people I never actually got the chance to say goodbye too (which was even harder) as well as the excitement of seeing Sara in Melbourne. My mood was all over the place, and I think with leaving a place you have grown to love, it is inevitable.


The last couple days in Sydney were a perfect ending to the entire “Best Jobs” experience. It gave the finalists and myself a chance to kick back and relax and really get to know each other on a personal level, without the stress of the competition on their minds. I couldn’t have imagined a better trip in my life. Thank you Tourism Australia, South Australia Tourism Commission, all the conveners of the experiences I participated in and finally my friends and family for supporting me throughout this entire process – you all ROCK!

Stay tuned for my final days in Melbourne, Australia.

Sam Clarke

Best Jobs in the World

What an ENDING! – Best Jobs Finalists are Announced!

The big day has finally arrived! After over 2 weeks of challenges, interviews, media appearances in Sydney and in each of their respective states – the 7 winners of the Best Jobs in the world were being announced TODAY! I woke up this morning in complete awe that today was the day. Everything that all the finalists had been working towards the last couple months was on the line today. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how they were all feeling.

The last couple days in Sydney have been used to recover from the various challenges, interviews and events they all underwent in their respective states, as well as go through many more challenges, interviews and events in Sydney. It was also time to get the group together to see how they work as a team. It was really nice to finally be able to meet some of these people who I have truly idolized, and in a non creepy way stalked the last couple months. Nick Tilley describes it the best as, “a big reunion of people you have never actually met before.” It is absolutely true. These finalists have been watching each other’s Facebook, twitter, instagram and blogs seeing what they were all up to since the start of the contest. It was definitely surreal to have them all together vying for these “Best Jobs.”


Going back to the announcement which happened today – all spectators and media crew entered the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney earlier than when the finalists arrived. We had the opportunity to view the boards, which displayed pictures and quotes from all the finalists’ time in Sydney and respective states. We loaded into the auditorium and waited amongst the many film crews, photographers and news reporters for the arrival of the finalists. When the finalists arrived I got instant chills. This was it!


First to be announced was Chief Funster (NSW). The winner was Andrew Smith from the USA! Congrats ANDREW!

Second to be announced was Lifestyle Photographer (VIC). The winner was Roberto Seba from Brazil! Congrats ROBERTO

Third to be announced was Outback Adventurer (NT). The winner was Allan Dixon from Ireland! Congrats ALLAN!

Fourth to be announced was Park Ranger (QLD).  The winner was Elisa Detrez from France! Congrats ELISA!

Fifth to be announced was Taste Master (WA). The winner was Rich Keam from England! Congrats RICH!

Sixth to be announced was Wildlife Caretaker (SA). The winner was Greg Snell from CANADA!!!!!! Congrats GREG!

LAST but definitely not least, was the newly added position of High Flyer (AUS) offered by Virgin Australia. The winner was Cameron Ernst from USA! Congrats Cameron the comeback kid!

The 7 winners are official!


It has been such a buildup of nerves and excitement from everyone that I think everyone is happy the announcement is complete. I know everyone is looking forward to the Wrap Party tonight to let loose a bit and enjoy our time together.

It’s been an absolute blast the last couple days and it is really starting to sink in that my time in Australia and time with “Best Jobs” is coming to an end… for now. All I have to do is enjoy the rest of my time here and live it up!

Once again, congrats to all the winner and FINALISTS for all the hard work! You should all be so proud of yourselves!

Time to party!

Sam Clarke,

Australia Best Jobs in the World

Farewell Kangaroo Island for now! – BJITW (Day #4 of Challenges)

It was our last day in South Australia for the Best Jobs challenges. It is surreal to think of all the amazing experiences we had done in such a short period of time. There is so much diversity on Kangaroo Island and in South Australia that you could spend months here and not be bored 

We met up with our Exceptional Kangaroo Island tour guide and made our way to Pelican Lagoon Research & Wildlife Centre for the final “Wildlife Caretaker” challenge in South Australia. When we arrived, we met up with Dr. Peggy Rismiller an echidna tracker as she would be facilitating the challenge for the day. Each finalist was set up with a tracking device, and was required to make their way through the bushes to find a hidden echidna. It wasn’t until a lot later that I realized it was a fake echidna, and not a real, living, and moving echidna in the wild.

20130618_095118 20130618_100616

The winner of the challenge was Nick Tilley (USA). He was being followed by a film crew the entire time, but after finding his echidna, he was so excited that he ran back too fast for them to capture any of the footage. Congrats Nick! If Wildlife Caretaker doesn’t work out for you I’m sure Peggy would take you on as her assistant echidna tracker!


Following the challenge we enjoyed a delicious “bush-lunch” BBQ. The afternoon consisted of crew planting trees to help preserve the habitat of the Glossy Bank Cockatoos.

On our way back to Kingscote Airport we had a last stop at Stokes Bay for one more coastal scenic view. It was amazing.

20130618_104633 20130618_104912 20130618_105304 20130618_105123

Kangaroo Island was an absolute blast! We saw so much in such a short period of time that it makes me wonder what could be seen in double the time! On our last night in South Australia we headed back to Adelaide later in the afternoon on a private jet. How cool is that! When we arrived in Adelaide, most people decided to go for dinner but I decided I wanted some time to myself so I ordered room service and stayed in. It was the perfect time to catch up on some things before the “Best Jobs” finals in Sydney commenced early the next morning!

I can’t wait to go back to South Australia and Kangaroo Island the next time I’m in Australia. I miss it already!

Sam Clarke

Best Jobs in the World

There is no place like Australia for Canadians.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around how amazing the last couple weeks have been. I look back a few months ago when I was on a Quebec City March Break trip with S-Trip and I received an email about applying to be Tourism Australia’s next travel blogger for the “Best Jobs in the World” contest. I have always been one to jump on any opportunity and with that I applied. Fast forward 2 months and I had won. Even at that point I was slightly unsure of how this trip would play out and what my responsibilities would be. All I knew is I was going to my favourite place in the world and pursuing a few of my interests – travelling, blogging and sharing stories with my followers and the rest of the world. I never thought that those interests would turn into my lifelong passion.


I sit here now looking out of the 18th floor of the InterContinental Hotel and realize, I can’t see myself anywhere else in the world at this stage of my life but in Australia. It is truly a place of discovery, exploration and happiness. I have had a permanent smile on my face and sense of joy within me for the last couple weeks – I have never been happier before in my entire life.

With this huge realization about how I can’t see myself anywhere else in the world but Australia, and the other realization that travelling and sharing my stories with others is for me… I plan on returning to this magical place as soon as I can. As soon as I can is hopefully going to be within the next 3 months.

Sounds crazy right? Well, it is but it isn’t that crazy. Luckily as a Canadian citizen – I am eligible for a 1 year Working-Holiday Visa in Australia. This allows me to live, work and travel in Australia up to 1 year, and potentially up to 2 years if I complete 88 days of agricultural work. It is a wonderful program that many people don’t know about, and many people don’t take the opportunity to do.

It has been great fun to get to know the various finalists in the “Best Jobs in the World” contest throughout the preliminary rounds of the competition and right here in South Australia and Sydney. One finalist has created a special place in my “Best Jobs” experience and that is my fellow Canuck, Greg Snell. He has been vying for one of the “Best Jobs in the World” as the Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia. He has impressed me so much over the last couple months with his passion for his country (Canada), his passion for wildlife, his passion for exploring and last but definitely not least his passion for Australia.


When I approached Greg about creating a piece on Canadians and the Working Holiday Visa (WHV) program in Australia, he jumped on the opportunity to share his passion and support for the program. Amongst the craziness that the finalists have been through the last couple days, I had a moment to sit down with Greg and speak to him about what his thoughts were on the WHV program…

Sam (S): Who is eligible for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia?

Greg (G): Most commonly are people within the ages of 18-30 and from commonwealth countries. These countries include Canada, Britain, Western Europe and many others. There are many other countries eligible and they are all listed on the Working Holiday Visa website.

S: What opportunities can a Canadian obtain on a Working Holiday Visa?

G: A Canadian can get the chance to gain professional experience and more importantly life experience in another country. They will learn about themselves, their passions in life as well as the opportunity to experience being out of their comfort zone. It provides the opportunity for a youth to grow into a professional adult, while at the same time experiencing the best of Australia – the climate, scenery, wildlife and most importantly making new friends and unforgettable memories.

S: What do you think are the 3 biggest obstacles and challenges that a youth faces when deciding to begin a Working Holiday Visa?

G: First and foremost would be going out on their own. Taking the step to fly halfway around the world on their own and experience being away from their family and friends in a place they are unfamiliar with. Secondly it would be thinking they don’t have the right background experience to succeed. Many youth would think they don’t have a strong enough resume, and they are unqualified to obtain work while overseas. Lastly I believe it is overcoming and breaking away from parents and friends who think travelling is not a worthy opportunity for growing. The pressure from friends and family who believe that travelling is not beneficial and will not further them in life is a huge challenge. I have to say that travelling has been the BEST decision I have made in my life and I have learned so much about myself and life because of it.

S: Going on with that, why didn’t you choose to move to Australia for a Working Holiday Visa earlier?

G: The timing at 27 is perfect for me, having already lived abroad in Latin American and Tanzania. Australia is the natural next step and a place that has always been a top destination spot for me. I wanted to see the world before settling down and I knew I had to get here before I turned 30. The time is right for me now and I want to call Australia home. I have always known that I would call it home and funny enough I wrote a project on wombats in grade 6 and my mom brought it out and showed me when I made the “Best Jobs” finals.

S: Why should Canadians choose Australia as a place to do a Working Holiday Visa compared to other countries?

G: Canada and Australia are very similar. They have similar economies, sense of humour, history, political and social structure as well as education.  Also to add, Australia has great scuba diving, beaches and on top of all this, Australia has an amazing climate.

S: If you could give any piece of advice to someone considering a WHV, what would it be?

G: Plain and simple – Go for it! Follow that ambition and it will lead you to your dreams coming true. Put all fears aside and take that leap of faith because it will only be beneficial in the long run. I have a hard time thinking that it could ever be a bad thing; there are only positives to a WHV in Australia.

S: How would a youth beat the initial first challenge of financially being able to get to and live in Australia? (for example: a recent high school/university grad)

G: They really have to do their research. There are so many resources available for trying to find a job before you arrive in Australia. For example you can go on or Verge Magazine and check out some of their links to WHV resources.

S: What did you expect when you arrived in Australia for the “Best Jobs” finals?

G: Good-natured people, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, beautiful scenery, endless travel opportunities, good weather, sun and the opportunity for it to change my life.

S: When you arrived, what were your first impressions of Australia?

G: All the above and more. It was almost like walking into a dream, because I’ve wanted to come here for so long. The first 5 days were surreal – I had to pinch myself every time I looked at the Opera House. It was an amazing realization that I was in Australia and was following my dream. It was nice to know I was making the right moves for the better and towards a new adventure.

S: Lastly, if you could describe Australia in 3 words what would they be?

G: Friendly, Scenic and Vast.

S & G: There’s nothing like Australia.


Australia Best Jobs in the World

Australia '13 – Best Jobs in the World (June 3rd – June 14th)

G’day mates!

I have officially arrived back in Sydney and will be staying at the InterContinental Sydney Hotel with the rest of the “Best Jobs in the World” crew until the final announcement event on Friday June 21st. All the finalists have returned from their respective states and are now competing in the final challenges of “finals week” all in Sydney. I have just checked into my hotel room and am waiting to meet up with my contact, Alison for lunch and we will them head over to Bondi Beach to watch the finalists surf. This will be a perfect opportunity to meet the remaining 15 finalists I have yet to officially meet (even though I feel I know them already based off the amount of contact I’ve had with them over social media) and speak with them all in person.

I finally have had the chance to upload some of my pictures from my “solo” travels before the “Best Jobs in the World” kicked off in South Australia where I was travelling with an entourage.

Check out and LIKE my Facebook page (Samantha Clarke – Travel Guru) for a handful of pictures of some of the most fascinating and desired places and experiences in Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Best Jobs in the World – Part 1 (Solo Travels)

20130606_005809 20130611_102803 20130616_114753

Let me know what you think by commenting as much as you want! I want your feedback, and if you have any questions, comments and concerns on anything I’ve done – feel free to contact me.


That’s all for now,

Sam Clarke

Australia Best Jobs in the World

BrisBEN June 14th (Day 12)

It seems as though Brisbane has always been a transition spot for me and my travels in Australia. A city I would stay in for one night before heading somewhere else, or catching a flight to a new destination. I have never had the chance to fully experience what Brisbane offers as a city.

After a short ride from Noosa, I arrived in Brisbane and checked into my accommodation at the Limes Hotel. The Limes Hotel is located in a really “happening” area of Brisbane with tonnes of restaurants, pubs and cafes within walking distance. The inside of the hotel is absolutely stunning. I was blown away the room I had to myself! I mean, they provided complimentary brownies on my bedside table so I was instantly pleased.

My evening in Brisbane was spent freshening up after a day of travels and dinner with the “Best Jobs in the World” winner in 2009, Ben Southall. Ever since I was aware of the “Best Jobs in the World” contest, Ben has been someone I have truly idolized. He has this passion for living and exploring that you can’t help but be inspired by. I felt extremely honoured that he took a couple hours out of his busy schedule to sit down with me for dinner. He was a pleasure to meet up with and I look forward to continuing and finishing the many topics of conversation we started but didn’t finish back in Sydney!


After a couple cocktails over dinner, I decided I should make use of the complimentary drink voucher I was supplied by Limes Hotel up at their Rooftop Bar. I could hear the music from my room, so I assumed it was pretty busy. When I arrived at the Rooftop Bar, I was pleasantly greeted by the host or as he would like to call himself the “mingler.” We hit it off instantly and when he finished his shift we grabbed a couple drinks together.


I was introduced to so many people when I was up there and my night of having 1 complimentary drink turned into many, many, many more drinks. The selection of cocktails at the Limes Hotel was incredible. I had a few cocktails that had an apple arranged like the Sydney Opera House as a decoration. Anything from a fruity cosmopolitan to an espresso martini – you name it; the highly skilled bartenders will serve it.


It was also a treat to meet the owner of the Limes Hotel up on the Rooftop Bar as well. Normally you would never expect to see a businessman on a Friday night spending time at work, but you could tell how passionate he was about his hotel. Through various discussions with him, it was evident he genuinely enjoyed spending his time and efforts in making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and having a good time. With meeting the owner, I was introduced to some other really fascinating people (John, Brooke, Nick, etc) who took me under their wing for the evening. They wanted to make sure this Canadian girl had a truly authentic and awesome night out in Brisbane. I couldn’t be more thankful for them being so kind and welcoming!

After a few cocktails at the rooftop bar, we headed out to Alfred and Constance (A & C – where I went for dinner with Ben) for the rest of the evening. They ordered me this HUGEEE drink that had a cinnamon stick lite on fire in the middle. It was probably 4 drinks in one and was the bar special. For a true A & C experience, I was told I had to have one of these.


Brisbane nightlife surpassed my expectations. I had always heard mixed reviews on Brisbane in general, and I was pleasantly surprised by my experience in Brisbane. I want to send out a huge thank you to my new Brisbane friends, and I promise that when I come back to Australia (which is quite likely on a Working Holiday Visa), we will definitely catch up again!


Brisbane was the end of my personal travels, as the rest of my trip in Australia would be focused around the “Best Jobs in the World” contest and following the finalists in South Australia and Sydney! Check out those posts and stay tuned for the winner on June 21st!

Sam Clarke.

Australia Best Jobs in the World

Kangaroo Island, South Australia – BJITW (Day #3 of Challenges)

Have you ever experienced the feeling when your cheeks start to sting because you have been smiling for so long? When it feels like someone has attached a string to each cheek and is yanking them in each direction that you physically can’t stop smiling. Well, I have and most recently I experienced this on Kangaroo Island, South Australia – a hidden gem in the world, that I was lucky enough to experience.

After two amazing days travelling between Adelaide, Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula, the “Best Jobs” finalists were headed to Kingscote on Kangaroo Island (KI). Kangaroo Island is one of the world’s great pristine nature-based destinations. Australia’s third largest island, Kangaroo Island has a multitude of diversity within its 155 km length. From being greeted by sea lions basking on the “unspoiled” white beaches, to kangaroos and wallabies hopping along the tracks, you will be pampered with wildlife throughout your stay. Kangaroo Island offers a wildlife experience that can’t be found in a zoo; they actually refer to it as a zoo without fences. After returning from Kangaroo Island (today – June 18th) I can fully understand how that saying on KI withstands.

When we arrived at Kingscote Airport, Kangaroo Island we met up with our guide from Exceptional Kangaroo Island for who would be leading us the next two days. Note – I am going to say this right off the bat… 2 days is NOT enough on Kangaroo Island. When it was time to leave, every one of us had to be practically dragged away from the last site.

Our first stop on Kangaroo Island was the Flinders Chase National Park, where we were to explore two of the island’s highlights – Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. When we arrived at our first spot, I think the beauty blew us all away.


Remarkable eh?20130617_124334

We made our way down the walking path to the Remarkable Rocks site and had some time to take pictures while the finalists underwent various photo-ops and interviews.



Greg Snell, Canada – Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island

Greg Snell, CC, Nick Tilley in one of many photoshoots!

It is such a unique experience to travel with an “entourage.” Every spot that could of be used as a photo opportunity was. It was definitely a unique travel experience I have never had before. In addition I also very much enjoyed the ease of being told when and where I had to be at places. It was quite the change from travelling solo for the first two weeks of my “Best Jobs” trip.

The afternoon portion of the day at the Flinders Chase National Park was spent at Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary enjoying a “bush-lunch,” and later followed by a scenic flight over the park.



We had the opportunity for a 15-minute helicopter ride over the park, where we saw the south west coastline, Remarkable Rocks and Admiral Arch from the sky. The sights were spectacular on the ground, but there are no words to describe them from above. “Amazing” no longer does justice to some of the sights that are within South Australia.



Following the helicopter tours, we headed to the Seal Bay Conservation Park, where the finalists would compete in their third challenge to obtain the position of Wildlife Caretaker. Seal Bay was absolutely incredible.


The challenge consisted of running a tour of Seal Bay and being knowledgeable enough to answer questions that the “trip members” would throw at them. For the lucky finalist who will be chosen as Wildlife Caretaker, happenings such as leading tours and being knowledgeable on various areas on Kangaroo Island will become a regular activity. It was a true test of their knowledge, comfort in front of a crowd and passion for the position. The three finalists divided up the tour into: history, current state and future implications to Seal Bay.



Nick (USA) took on the history portion and nailed it. He knew his stuff like the back of his hand and you could tell he was extremely confident in himself in front of a crowd and as a leader. CC (Taiwan) did a good job as well with her section, where she found ways to add humour whenever possible. She made a joke about a group of sea lions on the beach being a family. One of the sea lions was running away from the other and she concluded that it was a “mommy and daddy sea lion and they were in a fight.” I have got to say that she has been such a great supply of comic humour for the entire group this trip. Greg (Canada) closed up the section with a bang. With his professional experience as a small groups tour guide, you could tell he was in his element. He spewed out everything he knew about Seal Bay in an effective manner, as well as welcomed questions when they appeared. Overall, I think that this was the hardest challenge that the finalists had to face while in South Australia. It really showed them as an individual and they were judged against each other while being put on the spot in a setting they were completely unfamiliar with.

During the tour, I had a hard time actually focusing on everything the finalists were saying because the sea lions were so close to us. Some were lounging on the beach, playing with each other and others looked like they were about to “mate,” it was hard not to watch!



Kangaroo Island has blown me away already. To be truthfully honest with you, I didn’t have that high of expectations when I first heard we would be going to Kangaroo Island. I think partially that has to do with the fact I was not informed on what we would be seeing, and how beautiful of a place it truly is. The thing that I have recently found about setting expectations on experiences is that they typically get exceeded – well in Australia they always get exceeded.


Day three of the “Best Jobs” South Australia challenges did not disappoint. The finalists are really starting to show their passion and commitment to winning. I think it is going to be a tight race to the finish line – keep checking back to find out who wins this Friday June 21st.

Sam Clarke